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I don't even know iSUP Surfing and there are enough cheap boards on the market! Why should I buy such a board?

I can only say absolutely correct!

Thank you very much for taking the time now to learn more about iSUP-Surfing.


For 2022 we have further improved our boards and pimped up the accessories!



THe Company

The small company was founded 6 years ago in Porta Westfalica near Minden (Germany) . I am an absolutely sports enthusiast and for me, having fun is in the foreground. Ambition is of course very important, but if it doesn't work out, you have to get up, straighten the crown and move on. Fun in sport is only possible with good products and for this reason I only want to offer items that I can stand behind 100%.

Products related to the SUP board are offered. If you want to rent an iSUP, you have come to the right place as well as buying a SUP board or the corresponding accessories.

The range is being expanded carefully and with care. Everyone can offer cheap products, but in the end not everyone can offer a good product at a fair price.

I am particularly proud that the first own paddle in the SUP-Mag 01/21 received the award for leadership!

The goal is of course to be able to present our boards with such a good result next year.


At the beginning of 2021, the range was expanded to include kites, bars, wings and foilboards from Onkiteboarding. This company is still unknown to many, but there is a kiting pioneer behind it. Lou Wainman one who knows what a kite can and must do! These kites have power and you have to be able to deal with power. Those who want to ride boringly from left to right are completely wrong with these kites.



There are several ways in which iSUP boards are made.

The cheapest option is:

single Layer

Single layer boards that are processed in one layer with the drop stitch. Often found at hardware stores and discounters and with a starting price of 250 € also quite interesting for many who want to start the SUP adventure. These boards are called "light" technology by the big SUP and surfing companies. There is no question that the quality of the material is better than that of the discounter, but a price of 400-600 € is still required!


The much better quality is:

Double Layer Technologie

Here, 2 PVC layers are glued together and give the board greater rigidity than with the single layer board. They are very robust, but also much heavier due to the adhesive used, which is applied between the layers. The boards are then referred to as premium. No question about it, good materials are used, but between 600-1000 € are charged for these boards. Some of these boards have a mast foot mount as an add-on, but is that really necessary? If you really want to surf, take a surfboard. The inflatable sails, which are recommended for a SUP, do not need a holder, as a strap is included, which does not slow down the board when "surfing".


The currently most modern production method is:

Double Layer Fusion Technologie (MSL)

We use this construction method for our boards!

In this process, 2 PVC layers are thermally welded together. The boards are very stiff and significantly lighter than standard double layer boards. The rails on our boards are still glued and not welded.

Boards in this production process are very often priced between € 600-1,300.


As a drop stitch, we no longer use the common drop stitch that runs straight from top to bottom! From 2022 we only have New Woven X Stitch, which can only expand diagonally. As a result, less material is required, a lighter board is produced that is also lighter in the end than before.


Our package doesn't just consist of the board. It still has several components that should be considered.


the pump

A reasonable set should have at least one double stroke pump. Inflating is made much easier and saves time. The icing on the cake would be a pump with a double chamber and double stroke, a so-called triple action pump. Of course, we deliver them to you in every set so that you can be the fastest when pumping up on the water.

the Paddle

With iSUP-Surfing there is no paddle with the board. A paddle has to be bought separately! Why? Because we know that everyone has different demands on the paddle and that not every paddle is suitable for everyone. The demands on paddling do not always have to be very high, but should be more than an aluminum paddle for fun in the sport, as these can bend quickly.

The Fin

One of the few features that says absolutely nothing about the quality of a board! Many say the US box is the only real thing and others swear by FSCII or the Smart-Lock-System. We use the slide in system. Why? Did we want to save? No! It is easy to use because the fin is only pushed in. The system is fast, effective and in the end the systems cost almost the same in the productions.

the backpack

Many manufacturers are on a good level here and the backpack promises and delivers a lot of comfort. It is and remains a means to an end. When choosing a backpack, it was important to consider carrying comfort and volume. There should be enough space for the SUP equipment that no puzzles have to be puzzled at the end to stow everything again.


This question is also very easy to answer. The boards are only sold directly by us. There are no dealers who receive an additional commission and make the product more expensive for you in the end. ISUP-Surfing is a small company. This gives you the opportunity to calculate completely differently than the large companies do with their dealer system.

We also do not make any compromises in production. The boards are made in a branded production facility that has a long tradition, as far as you can tell in this young sport.


I could pretend the iSUP Surfing Board package is one of the best out there. But I won't and I can't, because there are sets and boards that are better!

You pay more with us than with the discounter, but you get a really good product that others offer as premium for significantly more money.

The idea at the beginning was to take more for this package. However, the philosophy that a good product does not always have to be expensive in the end clearly speaks against this.


If you've been to our site more often, you may have noticed that the price has changed for 2022. If not, I'll explain why that is anyway.


  • We have improved the quality and switched from the normal stitch to the X-Cross stitch so that the board is even stiffer and lighter.
  • The simple double stroke pump has been replaced by the triple action pump, so you are definitely the fastest when pumping up on the water.
  • Increased transport costs from Asia. That's the only point that doesn't make our board better in the end, but unfortunately it has to be calculated, otherwise we wouldn't have any boards here!

our Mission

The goal of iSUP Surfing is not to conquer the world!


I want to be able to make a living from the articles on offer, offer a fair and good product so that everyone can have fun on and in the water.