on kiteboarding classic kite 12.0

Classic Kite 12.0

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On Kiteboarding Kite 12.0

The Classic kite 12.0 is a versatile freeride crossover kite. For all riders, all conditions, a one-kite wonder.


  • Easy to use
  • Immediate depower and great wind range
  • Easy start.
  • Teijin D2 UV wax coated fabric
  • proven Rostan blocks
  • Wind range 8 - 25 knots


The packages include: Classic Kite Series, Kite Backpack, Bladder Patch Kit, V-Bridal Option.


The new Classic series is designed for comfort. Very predictable, a kite for everyone; Foil, freeride, jumps or drifting in the waves. The new line guide guarantees stability and unique control, and offers a huge wind range for amazing low-end and high-end performance. The large diameter of the leading edge perfectly maintains the shape of the profile even under the most extreme conditions.


This is the kite made for everything! From the first day of kiting to the most extreme waves and wind conditions. The Hybrid Delta Kite combines a futuristic touch with improved materials and manufacturing techniques. The medium to low aspect ratio makes for a solid pull and lets the kiter drive like a rocket against the wind.


We use a Teijin D2 UV wax coated fabric. This extends the life of the material and the colors stay bright for much longer.

The wing tips are equipped with a scale for setting the bar pressure and thus allow you to set a high, medium or low pressure.

In the lower area it enables the kite to have massive power and at the same time massive depower, almost like a brake.

This, combined with the round shape, enables the kite to turn smoothly and to be steered very precisely with just one hand!

The back-line has 6 adjustable nodes, which allow different wind strengths and driver preferences to be taken into account.

Our long-lasting Spectra bridals are available for the 6.3, 7.5, and 9.

Only the proven Rostan blocks are used for these quality kites.



7,5 9,0 12,0
15 - 40+ KTN

14 - 35 KTN

12 - 30 KTN 8 - 25 KTN

we recommend for this kite our 52cm control bar

Onkiteboarding control bar