ISUP Surfing 11" Board Allround !Available in February 2022!

Allround Board 11"

529,00 €

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The high-quality processed board is made of pre-laminated double layer fusion (MSL material) and is characterized by its high stability. The iSUP can be filled with up to 15 PSI.

With its three fins, it has a high level of stability and allows the SUP to glide almost noiselessly over the lake, river and sea.

Practical luggage net with 4 fixing points in the front area of the SUP.

Due to its small pack size, it can be transported quickly anywhere. Whether with friends at the lake or on the beach, our board is filled and ready for use under 5 minutes. All accessories are simply stowed in the supplied transport backpack.

Unpack, roll out, inflate and off you go

All-round stand up paddle for beginners and advanced.



  • Pre-laminated double layer (MSL material) board
  • X - cross drop stitch
  • triple action pump 

MEASUREMENTS allroundboard 11"


Volume: 260 l

Length: 335 cm

Width: 78 cm

Height: 15 cm

scope of delivery

  • Allround board 11 "
  • Removable fin
  • Leash 10Ft
  • Triple action pump
  • Backpack that can be used as a trolley


If you've been to our site more often, you may have noticed that the price has changed for 2022. If not, I'll explain why that is anyway.


  • We have improved the quality and switched from the normal stitch to the X-Cross stitch so that the board is even stiffer and lighter.
  • The simple double stroke pump has been replaced by the triple action pump, so you are definitely the fastest when pumping up on the water.
  • Increased transport costs from Asia. That's the only point that doesn't make our board better in the end, but unfortunately it has to be calculated, otherwise we wouldn't have any boards here!