Surf Leash 10FT

Surf Leash 10FT

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The leash is your safety line that connects you to the SUP board. Nobody should do without it as it is your safe way to the board. Building a leash is very easy. A twisted, stretchable polyurethane cord that is attached to the foot with a Velcro fastener and to the board with the second Velcro. A good leash is well padded on the Velcro so that it does not interfere with paddling or surfing.

Our 10Ft leash has 2 swivel joints to prevent it from twisting.

We also thought of using a second Velcro strap so that the leash can be easily attached to the board.


Very easily. If you fall into the water, you don't have to swim to the board. You pull the leash and the board comes to you. If there are many people on the beach, for example, your board cannot be a danger to others because it does not float around uncontrollably.

Practice handling the leash so that you can open it blindly. In an emergency, you must be able to detach yourself from the leash when you are underwater.



When surfing, it means at least as long as the board, more like a foot longer. With the iSUP, the leash can also be a bit shorter, since the board does not pose as much of a risk of injury as with the surf hardboard.