Inflatable Vs Hardboard and Foil

Aufblasbares Foilboard

Airlight Foilboard 110L 5.3"

ISUP SURFING Foil Board 6.3"

Foilboard in 6.3"

wingfoil foil

Foil 1700

foil Wing for the season by isup Surfing and ONkiteboarding

on kiteboarding windsurfer noa 3m

NOa 3 M wingsurfer

on kiteboarding windsurfer noa 4 m

noa 4 M wingsurfer

on kiteboarding windsurfer noa 5 m

noa 5 M wingsurfer

on kiteboarding windsurfer noa 6 m

Noa 6 m wingsurfer

isup Wing in 4 5 und 6 Quadratmeter verfügbar

ISUP Wing 4-6 m

About on kiteboarding

ON kiteboarding Designs and manufactures Quality Innovative Kites and Wingsurfing equipment.

About the ON Kiteboarding Brand

Our R & D department is based in Maui, Hawaii a paradise for wind and waves, an unparalleled environment to allow pioneers of Kitesurfing and Wingsurfing to develop equipment in the best conditions.


About our products


The Noa Wing

The Noa  is an inflatable wing is compatible with several sliding devices such as Paddleboard (SUP), Hydrofoil Board, Skateboard, Mountain Board, Ski, Snowboard, Ice Skate and more. Wingsurfing is a new safe and easy sport to learn on water, land or snow. 

It's simple, just inflate and go!


The Classic Series Kites


The Classic Series Kites 2020 series is inspired by kitesurf pioneers, modelers, expert composite engineers and the famous sail designer Alain Bernard.

Classic Kite Series It is an all-around kite (wave, freestyle, freeride) with a unique feeling: power with acceleration and stop on request, available for small or large sizes, whatever the conditions. The new LAB team has designed a different profile for each size, to provide the best feeling in relation to wind speed. Easy kitesurfing for learning the sport safely.


About Our Logo Concept

The 3-dimensional cube is solid, light and structural. 

New honeycomb technology strengthens spy.

The 6 drops of water inside form a fan, and allow a unique anti-stretch vision on the new Noa series.

The 3 structures in the center represent the solidity of our LAB construction

With On Kiteboarding: It’s On!

noa wingsurfer by onkiteboarding

Welcome to the new wind-powered gliding era, that emphasized freedom of movement and simplicity; The Noa series.

Designed for every rider wanting to feel a new sensation to wind sports. It’s a super lightweight structural inflated handheld wing that offers the sensation of liberty. It’s easy to learn and accessible, and compatible on water, land or snow with multiple sports like sup, foil board, ski, snowboard, ice skate, rollerblade, skateboard…comes in a compact bag and it can be carried everywhere.


One strut design, inflatable dihedral LAB profile




  • LAB Factory construction
  • Structural T-Frame; the rigid thick profile helps to maintain the structure for direct control without compromising flexibility.
  • Anti-stretch Vision; a unique design without compromising the flex of a big  window
  • Teijin Quality canopy
  • Reinforced Honeycomb; 
  • we are using a insigma tape for dispersing the strength, and minimizing canopy flutter
  • One pump inflation system; the high volume standard valve connector, no head required
  • Direct fusion control handles; comes with 3 Velcro attached your  sup paddle for self-rescue
  • Kevlar reinforcement; large protection on wingtip and leading-edge, prevent from fraying
  • Wrist safety leash; comes with every wing, attached to the center of the leading edge
  • Floats for safety in the water.